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BodyTalk is a health care system that reestablishes the body/mind/spirit connection to get the body into the rest and digest mode - the only time it is allowed to focus on healing. The way the body heals efficiently is by addressing first things first - BodyTalk helps the body and mind (bodymind) observe and resolve the highest priority stress (whether it is physical, mental or emotional) that is taxing the systems so much they can't do their job effectively anymore and it messes with every other system's program, so they can't do their jobs either! That's the secret folks - it's allllllllllllllll connected, and you can't affect one without it rippling through all the rest! No wonder we get sick, tired and sore right?? 


What Can You Expect In A BodyTalk Session?

You will be requested to fill out a health history form for me to understand the big picture of the stress you are coping with in all aspects your life. The more information and awareness you can give me as to what your challenges in life are, the easier it is to identify the cause of the stress through the body's healing wisdom.

Then you are welcomed into my cozy treatment room to make yourself comfortable (fully clothed) on a plush heated massage table, with soft lighting and ambient music. I will sit beside the table and place my hand on your arm that I will use for muscle checking. Muscle checking is a way of programming the body's healing wisdom to respond in a certain way for a 'Yes, you understand what I'm trying to tell you', and another type of response indicating a 'No, you have no idea what I'm trying to say, try again!'. This technique allows me to ask speciific 'yes' or 'no' questions, to navigate through all your body's systems and parts to find where the highest priority stress is stored.

You get to relax as I take the majority of the session to highlight the cause of your stress to the brain and mind (I will share the details of each priority with you too, and you are welcome to comment or ask questions throughout), and we then reconnect the body/mind/spirit so they are all working together to resolve it. This is done by working with the 3 most influential electromagnetic (EM) fields of the bodymind - head brain, heart brain and gut brain - which contain all the information that make you 'You'*.

*The bodymind is uploading and downloading information from the environment and universe every moment of every day, because we are a part of all of it and this establishes our sense of who we are in relation to it. All this information is what your cells base their form and function off of; to change their form and function all we need to do is change the 'blueprint' they work from!

We do this by sending a wave of vibration through the EM fields to break them down, tapping over head, heart centre and the navel, occasionally using hand positions to further focus the bodymind on a specific releaseThe EM fields automatically re-form themselves with all the new information downloaded from the session. Then the body/mind/spirit can work together to neutralize the stress, release the pain, fatigue and/or mood problems it has been trying to communicate the imbalance to you through.


1 treatment: $80

Special rate: 30% off when you book your body talk treatment from Nov 1st to December 15th... sessions must be booked online and at least 48hrs in advance to give proper notice to the practitioner. Make sure when you book your session to write in the comment box about the 30% off body talk treatment. 


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